Teaching your dog good recall

Teaching your Dog Good Recall

Training your dog a good recall is a essential step in the obedience training of dogs. It is helpful if you want your pet to never run away and to be obedient.


  • Establish a release command: Pick a word you want to use like ‘Here’, ‘Come’, or ‘Okay’. You will use this command whenever you want your dog to come to you.
  • Start in an enclosed area: Find a place with fences that will help your dog not run away when you call them.
  • Teach your dog verbal and hand cues: After your dog stops and looks at you say their command word and add accompanying hand signals.
  • Reward your dog with treats when they come to you: When your dog comes to you, give him treats and positive reinforcement. This will condition your dog to think that coming to you is rewarding.
  • Practice good recall every day: Once your pup is understanding their command, keep practicing with them on a daily basis.


  • Use only positive reinforcement.
  • Keep the cues the same each time.
  • Consistently practice with your pup.
  • Always make it enjoyable to practice.
  • Don’t call your dog if it won’t come.

Good recall is an important skill in obedience training and is worth your time and effort. With patience and consistency, your pup will soon understand the command and come running when you call them.

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