Taking Your Pet On Holiday: 10 Tips For A Easy Trip


Is it a good idea to take your dog on vacation?

Your dog’s first vacation will fetch memories that you’ll enjoy for years to come—and will set the stage for many great trips to enjoy together. Vacationing with your dog is a great way to explore a destination, unleashing fun for both you and your dog!


Are you considering taking your precious pet along on your next holiday? While travelling with pets can be a challenge, it can also be a rewarding, fun and stress-free experience. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll ensure a smooth journey, enjoyable holiday and satisfied pet.

1. Research your destination

Before booking your holiday, spend some time researching the destination. Check that the accommodation and activities you plan to experience are pet-friendly or look at a pet-friendly alternative. Consider the different modes of transport and activities available – is there a place that your pet can be safely exercised?

2. Check travel restrictions

Check the travel restrictions prior to booking your holiday. Some countries may have different or additional controls in place, such as microchipping, vaccinations or import permits. Your pet needs to meet the veterinary health requirements of its destination.

3. Bring familiar items

Bring some familiar items from home, such as their favourite food, bed and toys, to help them feel more at home.

4. Choose the appropriate pet-friendly accommodation

Choose the most suitable pet-friendly accommodation for your pet. Check that your pet is allowed access to all the amenities, that it is comfortable and secure. Ask about any noise restrictions in the area.

5. Pack the necessities

Pack your pet’s necessities, such as food, water, travel bowls, medications, blankets, a first-aid kit and a waste bag.

6. Plan pet-friendly activities

Plan pet-friendly activities to keep your pets active and engaged while on holiday. You can visit pet-friendly attractions, dog-friendly beaches and national parks.

7. Monitor your pet

Monitor your pet’s well-being throughout the trip and keep an eye out for any potential stress or exhaustion. Be aware of other animals in the area and take appropriate precautions.

8. Avoid leaving your pet alone in the hotel

It is important not to leave your pet alone at the hotel, either in the room or outside. This can be dangerous, as your pet may be exposed to unforeseen hazards or become lost.

9. Confirm a reliable pet-sitter

Before leaving on your holiday, make sure you have a reliable pet-sitter that can look after your pet while you are away.

10. Bring a pet passport

Make sure you have a pet passport or other documents to prove that your pet is up-to-date with its vaccinations. This will help if your pet needs to receive medical attention while you’re away.


Travelling with pets can be a challenge, but with the right preparation and patience, it can be a rewarding, fun and stress-free experience. Follow these 10 tips the next time you take your pet on holiday and you’ll ensure a smooth journey for all.

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