PEDIGREE Foundation Names 2023 Rescue Dog of the Year

PEDIGREE Foundation Names 2023 Rescue Dog of the Year

The PEDIGREE Foundation, a nonprofit charity organization that funds programs to help rescue dogs in need, recently announced the grand winner of their Rescue Dog of the Year for 2023!

Meet Esmeralda!

Esmeralda, an 8 year-old French Bulldog, was adopted from a local shelter just three years ago by her loving family. She was initially terrified of people and other animals. But since she was rescued, she has become loving, loyal, and brave beyond anyone’s expectations.

Esmeralda made a remarkable turnaround from being scared and deemed untrainable, to becoming an inspiration to others and being named Rescue Dog of the Year. Here are some of the incredible accomplishments she achieved during her time with her family:

  • Certified therapy dog: Esmeralda became a certified therapy dog for her local school and visits classrooms to provide comfort and companionship to students who are struggling.
  • Trained agility competitor: Esmeralda began competing in agility contests and has placed first in multiple competitions.
  • Motivated foster pets: She often volunteers her time to visit new foster pets that come into the shelter to help them become more comfortable in their new homes and to show them they can trust humans.

Esmeralda earned the title of Rescue Dog of the Year for her many accomplishments and for demonstrating how rescue animals are just as capable as any other pet!

The PEDIGREE Foundation was founded in 2002 and has since provided millions of pounds of funding to animal charities to help them save more lives each year. Without their support, many dogs like Esmeralda would not have a second chance.

Join Us in Congratulating Esmeralda!

Esmeralda and her forever family are humbled and ecstatic to receive their prestigious award. We are so proud of them both and congratulate Esmeralda on her beautiful journey from rescue to the Rescue Dog of the Year!

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