PEDIGREE Foundation Hosts Webinar Featuring Safety Net Toolkit from HASS

PEDIGREE Foundation Hosts Webinar Featuring Safety Net Toolkit From HASS

The PEDIGREE Foundation recently hosted a webinar titled “Safety Net Toolkit from HASS” on April 12th at 10AM EST. The purpose of the webinar was to discuss how organizations can rapidly build the safety net to support their most critical populations.

Overview: What is the Safety Net Toolkit From HASS?

The Safety Net Toolkit from HASS is a unique platform of resources dedicated to helping organizations select, implement, and maintain safety net program and technology resources. This toolkit consists of three phases:

  • Identifying the Need – This phase focuses on assessing the current situation, understanding the specific needs of the target population, and determining resources.
  • Implementing Solutions – This phase covers designing, planning, and implementing the safety net system.
  • Maintaining the System – This phase explains how to monitor and evaluate the safety net system so it can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of the population.

Webinar Summary

The webinar was divided into three parts. The first part discussed why it is important to develop a safety net system and how the Safety Net Toolkit from HASS can help organizations do so.

The second part focused on how to use the toolkit to its fullest potential. Participants learned about the three phases of the safety net system, as well as tips for designing, planning, and implementing their own safety net.

In the third part of the webinar, participants were introduced to the maintenance portion of the toolkit. Participants learned how to monitor and evaluate their safety net system in order to ensure it is meeting the needs of their population.

What Participants Said

Participants of the webinar had a positive response to the Safety Net Toolkit from HASS and the resources provided. Here are some of the comments that attendees left:

  • “This was an extremely helpful and informative toolkit. I feel like I have the confidence to build a comprehensive safety net system now.”
  • “This was clearly presented, easy to understand, and full of practical guidance. I am looking forward to implementing the safety net toolkit in our own programs.”

Overall, participants of the webinar found the Safety Net Toolkit from HASS to be a valuable resource for building safety nets. Organizations that are looking to quickly develop a safety net should definitely consider using this toolkit.

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