How to Care for Your Senior Cat

How to Care for Your Senior Cat

As cats age, their needs change and they may require extra care. Here are a few ways you can make sure your senior cat is healthy and happy:

Provide a Comfortable Environment

  • Consider adding a bed with a cushion for comfortable sleeping
  • Keep your home temperature consistent with a thermostat
  • Provide plenty of soft, clean places to rest
  • Minimize loud noises, such as vacuum cleaners and hard floors

Make Diet Changes

  • Opt for senior-specific wet and dry foods
  • Introduce food high in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Mix wet food with canned food to give cats a nutritional boost
  • Avoid dry food as much as possible, as it can be more difficult for cats to digest
  • Include wet food with gravy or broth to increase water intake

Provide Extra Care and Attention

  • Visit your veterinarian regularly for check-ups and shots
  • Provide mental stimulation, such as toys and interactive games
  • Groom your cat regularly with gentle brushing
  • Don’t forget about playtime for your senior cat

Caring for an aging cat can be rewarding, as you provide a safe and loving environment for them to live out their remaining days. Keep taking care of your senior cat and they will thank you with lots of love.

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