Five Dog-Friendly Home Spring Cleaning Tips 

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How do I keep my house clean with multiple dogs?

11 Tips for How to Keep Your House Clean With Dogs Bathe your dog regularly, Brush often if your dog sheds, Change food and water often, Decorate with washable rugs, Get a robot vacuum cleaner, Hire a house-cleaning service for deep cleans, Keep your dog’s bed and living space clean

Five Dog-Friendly Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning often means a deep overhaul of our homes. For those of us with furry friends, it can mean extra challenges. Here are five dog-friendly home spring cleaning tips to ensure that both you and your four-legged companion have a safe and clean space.

1. Vacuum the Furniture and Areas Where the Pet Sleeps

It’s true that vacuuming your couch and other pieces of furniture can’t always remove all of the dander and hair, but it’s still a good first step. Vacuuming also helps clear away debris, dirt, and any other many people messes. Be sure to vacuum in and around all the crevices and seams of the furniture.

2. Make Sure All Of Your Cleaning Products Are Non-Toxic

When selecting cleaning products, opt for those that are pet-friendly and non-toxic. Many conventional cleaning products are harsher, more toxic, and can actually cause irritation in canines. Natural and non-toxic cleaning products are usually significantly safer for the pup, and much healthier for the environment.

3. Clear Away All Personal Items, Toys and Beds

Mixing pets and cleaning can prove to be a challenge; help make your job easier by removing pet beds, toys and any other personal items. Remember to give your pet a safe space, like their crate, while you’re cleaning.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Hazards

When tidying up, don’t forget to check the areas around your pet’s bed, play area and food dishes for anything hazardous. Some common things to look for include electrical cords, insecticides, plants, and small objects. Keep in mind that dogs enjoy chewing, so if you find anything that could be a potential hazard, put it away in a safe spot until you’re done cleaning.

5. Identify and Treat Pet Odors

A pet-friendly home should never be stuffy and smelly. Some pet odors are more common than others, and these are usually a result of pet hair or litterbox odors. Use a pet-friendly air freshener to help neutralize the odors and keep your home smelling great.

Cleaning your home can seem a bit challenging when you have a pet, but with these five tips you’ll be able to keep your home clean, safe, and smelling great. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a challenge when it comes to your furry friends, just take the time to plan ahead and be sure to use pet-friendly products.


Having a pet at home should never be a barrier when it comes to having a tidy, safe, and clean home. By following these dog-friendly spring cleaning tips, you can keep both your pet and your home looking great. With just a bit of preparation and extra caution, you can easily keep your pet safe and your home clean.

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