Cost to Travel Abroad Increase For Dog Owning Holiday makers


Why is it so expensive to fly with a dog?

The simple answer is airlines charge cargo rates for pets and other animals. There are no discounts. Period. No matter how much we pet lovers want to believe our pets are people, the travel and transportation industry classifies them as cargo.

Travel Plans as a Dog Owner Can be Costly

Are you a dog owner who dreams of traveling abroad? You might have to prepare yourself for a higher cost holiday!

Due to recent regulations introduced by many nations, turning one’s canine friends into travel companions can be costly due to the quarantine requirements that come with it.

The Quarantine Process

In order for your pet to join you on your holiday abroad, the pet must go through quarantine. Quarantine laws require that your pet must stay still in the designated facility for several days (at least four countries are required in certain countries). During this time period your pet will be tested, immunized and monitored. Afterward, your pet must be retested at specific intervals during the trip and at regular intervals when coming back to the home country.

Additional expenses

The cost of traveling abroad with your pet can vary drastically depending on the country of origin, the destination country, and the pet’s breed. Here are a few general costs to expect:

  • Airfare – The cost of the pet’s ticket is only slightly cheaper than securing an airline ticket for a human passenger.
  • Quarantine Fees – These fees are charged for monitoring, immunization and other services offered by the quarantine facilities.
  • Vaccinations – Your pet must be up-to-date on vaccinations in order to stay healthy and safe from diseases.
  • Health Certificate – A health certificate must be obtained from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Carrying Case – Comfort carriers and airline-approved cases may be necessary for larger breeds.
  • Boarding Fees – You may need to arrange and pay for boarding, either at a kennel or an animal sanctuary.

Tips To Help Save Costs

Here are some tips to help you save on costs and make your dog’s journey smoother.

  • Do considerable research before planning a trip. Read up on the destination pet regulations and identify quarantine homes and pet-friendly hotels.
  • Start preparing for the trip at least two to three months prior. Ensure ample time for the pet to adapt to climate and check any needed documents (vaccine proof, health certificates releases and paperwork etc).
  • When onboarding your pet for the flight, try to choose an airline that offers discounted travel for pets. Most airlines across the world offer cargo services for pets at discounted fares.
  • Book your pet an aisle seat so the pet can be close to you, or try to make arrangements with the airline for additional seating for the pet.

As a dog-owning international traveler, you can greatly benefit from being mindful and organized when planning a holiday abroad. Doing research to identify costs and options before booking can go a long way in helping you have a safe and enjoyable trip with your fur-baby!

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