An Update on Ciri, our 2023 Rescue Dog of the Year

An Update on Ciri, Our 2023 Rescue Dog of the Year

Ciri, our rescued pup of the year for 2023, is an absolute delight! She is an active, spunky, curious, and warm-hearted girl who loves to play. After being adopted by her forever home in January of 2023, Ciri has started to blossom and grow in her new environment.

At only four months of age, Ciri has already learned some essential skills that have positively impacted her life. We wanted to share an update on what she has been up to recently!

Potty Training

It’s no surprise that having a pet means lots of messes-but luckily, Ciri is a quick learner when it comes to puppy potty training. After only a few weeks of consistent training and positive reinforcement, Ciri is able to “go” on cue more often than not. Her family is thrilled with her progress!

Crate Training

Ciri loves having her own little sanctuary, so crate training was a natural fit for her. She has quickly adapted to her crate and can now follow the command to stay in it for up to an hour. Hearing that Ciri can be trusted in her crate makes her new family feel reassured and at ease.

Tricks and Training

Ciri definitely loves to show off her smarts! She is learning new tricks and commands at an impressive rate. Some of her favorites include:

  • Sit: Ciri loves showing off her best sit, complete with a wagging tail and warm smile.
  • Lay down: Ciri is able to quickly lay down with just a single command.
  • Come: Ciri knows when it’s time to come back to her family—and she does it!

Overall, Ciri has been doing wonderfully since joining her forever home. She continues to bring joy and endless smiles to her family—as well as anyone lucky enough to meet her! We look forward to hearing more about Ciri’s future accomplishments.

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