9 Tips to Keep Your House Clean When You Own Dogs

house messy

Do dogs make house messy?

Besides dog hair, dirt, leaves and other debris comes into the house on their paws and their fur, as they love to roll around in the yard. By the time you are done vacuuming the house, it’s time to do it again.

9 Tips to Keep Your House Clean When You Own Dogs

If you’re the proud owner of a furry family member – a lovable dog – chances are your house is not always spotless. Dogs, especially if active, can mean a lot of hair, dirt and sand sticking to everything, muddy footprints and mess. But keeping a clean house and having a pet dog doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive! Here are 9 tips to help you keep your house clean and neat when you own a dog:

1. Use a No-Rinse Pet Shampoo

For those moments when your pooch needs to be spotless, invest in a no-rinse pet shampoo. This shampoo will do the trick and you won’t need to take your dog out or bathe the pup in a tub. You won’t even need to rinse the shampoo afterwards.

2. Use Towels and Wipes

Invest in a few towels and have them by the door so you and your dog can dry off each time you come home. A few wipes should also help with quick cleanups.

3. Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

A good quality vacuum cleaner is the most important tool for keeping a clean home when you own a dog. It should be powerful enough to tackle pet hair, stuck on dirt and sand, and an efficient filter should help maintain a healthier, cleaner home.

4. Brush and Groom Your Dog Regularly

Make sure to brush and groom your dog regularly. This helps get rid of dead hair and can also cut down on pet dander — a major contributing factor to indoor allergies and asthma issues.

5. Restrict Your Dog’s Space

Limiting your dog’s space can help keep your house clean. Don’t let them loose throughout the entire house; instead designate a few spaces where they can play and allow them access to these spots only when supervised.

6. Use an Air Purifier

The air quality in your home affects your overall well being. If you own a pet dog, an air purifier is a must – it can help reduce pet dander, bacteria, dust mites and other microscopic particles that are responsible for poor indoor air quality.

7. Place Protective Sheets on Furniture

Using protective sheets or covers on furniture can help keep them free from dirt, dust, and pet hair.

8. Designate a Specific Location for Your Dog’s Toys and Bed

Designating a specific area where you can put your pup’s toys and bedding can help with tidying up and organizing. This can help keep your pup’s toys and items off the floor and out of the way.

9. Clean Up After Your Dog

  • Always pick up after your pup when out for a walk.
  • Keep pooper scoopers handy for quick clean ups in your yard.
  • Clean carpets using a pet stain and odor remover.
  • Vacuum your dog’s beds regularly.

By following the tips above, you can keep your house clean and your pup happy and healthy. Keeping the house clean doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you plan accordingly and plan for the messes that are bound to occur.

By following the steps outlined above, you can maintain a tidy, healthy home even with a pet dog in tow. A clean home, after all, is a reflection of a healthy lifestyle.

By following these tips and being consistent, you should be able to keep your home clean and keep your pup safe and content.

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