8 Vet Tips to Keep Dogs Safe in the Snow


How Long Can dogs stand on snow?

In general, dogs should be in the snow for no more than 30 minutes at a time on mild snow days and 10-15 minutes if the temperature dips below freezing. They should always be monitored for signs of discomfort.

8 Vet Tips to Keep Dogs Safe in the Snow

With temperatures dropping and winter weather occurring, it is important to know some of the best vet tips to keep your pup safe in these harsher conditions. Taking precautionary and preventative steps are essential so that your furry four-legged family can still enjoy the snowfall and play outdoors like usual! Here are some vet tips for puppy parents and pet guardians to keep in mind for when their pup goes outside in the snow:

1. Self-Warming Materials

Before your pup goes on their snowy adventure, it is important to equip them with self-warming materials such as a pet-safe warm and waterproof suit or a pet-safe temperature regulating bed. This will help your pet stay warm and dry while they explore in the cold.

2. Proper Footwear

Make sure your pup is wearing proper winter-weather, pooch-friendly boots so that they are better able to navigate any unsuspecting patches of ice or icy walkways. This will help keep their feet protected and warm for their outdoor escapades.

3. Don’t Leave Them Out for Too Long

Cold temperature can affect your pup in this sometimes cold season, so be sure to only let your pup stay outdoors for a short period of time. Don’t forget to limit them to about 40 minutes of playtime in the snow, considering the cold temperatures.

4. Stock Up On High-Quality Food

Due to your pup’s extra-activity level in the winter season, be sure to stock up on some higher-calorie dog food so that they are able fuel up on the appropriate amount of meals while they are outside playing in the snow.

5. Keep Up With Pet Hygiene

Be sure to keep up with your pup’s basic hygiene practices such as brushing their coat, clipping their toenails, ensuring healthy teeth, and even regular baths depending on the frequency of their trips outdoors

6. Use Paw Balm

Paws are highly sensitive and can be prone to dryness or skin irritation due to the winters harsh temperature. Use paw balms or waxes to protect those paws from any possible problems on those cold days.

7. Supervise Puppies When Outdoors

Puppies are still growing and developing, so it is probably best to keep an extra close eye when they go outside in the soupy snow, in order to better prevent any potential accidents

8. Stay Away From Salt & Ice Melters

Avoid salt and ice melters altogether, as ingesting can be deadly for your pup. Always be sure to clean up any salt immediately around any areas where your pup may roam or jog to better guarantee their safety.

As winter weather progresses and snowfall continues, keeping your animal safe and warm is becoming increasingly important. Make sure to keep in mind these 8 invaluable vet tips for mitten pups to make sure your furry friends stay safe and content during the most wonderful and magical season of the year!

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